The Future of Career Management


Digital Portfolio

Build a digital portfolio of work and achievement by importing content from LinkedIn, Evernote and Mozilla OpenBadges.

Competency Maps

Tag your content against the comprehensive engineering competency maps developed in association with Vienergy.

Cross Platform

HTML5 with Bootstrap for full cross-platform functionality across desktop, tablet and phone.

Peer Verification

Invite other users to verify your work and training.


Learn with Engzig Training and earn Mozilla OpenBadges.

A Truly 'Professional' Network

Build a professional network based on the work you've done in a major shift from the social networking model.



Engzig.com is a networking tool based on the work you've done and the achievements you've earned. At Engzig we believe that professional networks should be based on your professional achievements and skills. While LinkedIn is great as a list of names for recruiters we do not believe it gives you the tools that you need to manage your career. So we made something that does.

So if you're tired of uploading your CV to job sites and bored of LinkedIn (because we are), welcome to human resource management for the 21st century. We aim to be Airbnb for oil industry. Come join us.


Evernote API

Mozilla Open Badges

And Credly API

In Association With...

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